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You know more than anyone that life can be difficult. Everyday it presents new challenges, new people, and new ideas. Now more than ever we find ourselves more connected with people and in all the shuffle, one can get lost.

Smile!But here’s the thing. You have the resources inside of you (knowledge and time) to create the lifestyle you desire. You know what’s getting in the way for you? EXCUSES. People come up with them all the time but it’s time to STOP.

That’s why I created Exceptional University

Individualized training to help you exceed your goals

Exceptional University is an online educational forum where you receive individual and group learning through video, audios, and ebooks!

Exceptional University includes these learning components:

Two Premium Webinars Each Month – These webinars will cover topics like self-awareness, goals and decision making, influence and impact, change, productivity, and beliefs and ideas.

Weekly One-on-One Group Coaching  – Get answers to your specific questions during these weekly 90-minute online small group Q&A meetings. Attend with a question or simply learn what other women are doing to reach their dreams and goals.

Exceptional University Video Tutorials  – Each webinar will include up to three video tutorials that will walk you through the tactical step-by-step details of using up a tool mentioned in the webinar.

Exceptional University Guides and Workbooks  – Webinar material is reinforced with various different workbooks, checklists, and templates.

Unlimited Access to the Resource Library – All current members will have access to previous webinar recordings, video tutorials, e-books, templates and workbooks.

I keep it real and I keep it fun, but most of all I give you access to all the tools you need to take back your life (that’s what you’re here for anyway right?!)! I want to focus on creating an awesome experience for a small group of people, so make sure you are in the first 100 women to join. After that I will shut down access to new members for at least 90 days. This is your time and season to step into victory, NO MORE EXCUSES. No more WHAT IF’s, BUT’s, or MAYBE’s. It’s time to return back to your inheritance, a rich, full, and EXCEPTIONAL life!

PayPal and all major credit cards accepted.

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