Classroom Magazines

Engaging learning resource for wherever your classroom may be

MotivatHER Classroom Magazines combine engaging print magazines with powerful digital resources to build knowledge, skills and excitement in any learning environment.

MotivatHER Classroom Magazine is a classroom and motivational magazine for girls. Our magazines are designed to inspire and motivate, contain stories of interest to young girls, and encourage readers to pursue their goals.

Our Classroom Magazines are now being used in elementary schools located within the US. The purpose of our Classroom Magazines is to provide a safe environment for children to express their creativity and allow them to learn with kids of similar ages. Our goal is to create a positive experience for everyone that will encourage children’s curiosity, discuss issues concerning life, and allow room for children to grow as they explore different cultures around the world.

Social Emotional Learning

A focus on social emotional learning: sense of self, openness to new beliefs, interests, and ideas while establishing a positive sense of who they are and are becoming.

Social emotional learning supports academic achievement and prepares girls for lifelong success.

UNBOUND © was developed to counteract these impacts by presenting positive mental health messaging in a safe environment 

Improving the social-emotional skills of adolescent girls will help them develop healthy relationships, academic success, and emotional strength-building they need to thrive as women.

College and Career Readiness

Girls don’t lack ambition, but there is a lot of confusion around what constitutes success.

READY © is a classroom magazine created to improve and explore topics around college and career readiness among students in grades 6-12. READY© features empowering content on Education, Health & Wellness, Career & Jobs, Entrepreneurship as well as Arts and Culture by inspiring women who are changing the world to help girls find their calling and pursue their goals!

Create more interest in STEM

Girls are underrepresented in the STEM workforce, and less likely to choose a career in these fields. 

This is a problem that we’re working hard to solve at EVOLVE©. We know that girls can be inspired by role models who look like them, so we’ve created a magazine dedicated exclusively to helping young women explore topics and careers in STEM.

Our goal is for each issue of EVOLVE© to help inspire girls around the world to become leaders in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Each issue features stories about real-life women doing amazing things with STEM! From new voices writing our articles on coding or robotics to inspiring profiles of female scientists making an impact today – you’ll find it all within our pages-there’s something here for every girl!