5 Organizational Techniques Which Take Only Minutes Every Day

You love watching home shows. The houses you see are so neat and clean, everything is in its place and perfectly organized. It looks wonderful. It also looks like a lot of work. After all, who has the time for organizing?

As it turns out, you do!

Believe it or not, most organization takes only a few minutes a day. Read on to find out how.

Put Stuff in Writing
One of the biggest enemies to organization is forgetfulness. You talk to somebody and make plans, but then forget to write them down. Now you’re wondering what time you’re supposed to meet them or where. This kind of forgetfulness leads to a lot of scrambling to find lost information. Getting in the habit of writing things down as they occur will cut down this kind of chaos in your life considerably.

Create a Routine
We shy away from routines because they seem like a lot of work. Initially it will take a little time to set one up, but once you have it in place, you will be amazed at how much they help. In no time at all you will fall into the rhythm of the day and get things done almost without realizing it. For example, having a regular laundry day means you always have clean socks and underwear.

Pay Attention to Details
While it doesn’t seem like it should matter, we really do feel better when we know we are put together, and have everything we need. Doing little things such as laying out your clothes the night before gives you time to accessorize, find matching undergarments, or polish your shoes. No more running out the door in the morning wearing the first thing that comes to hand. You will be amazed at how much more confident you feel when you take the time to set yourself up for success every day.

Tidy Up
Never spend all day cleaning up a room again. Instead, get in the habit of tidying up every single day. This means clutter never gets the upper hand, and your rooms always stay nice.

Do the Little Things
It only takes a few minutes to make a bed. Spraying a little cleaner on the shower every time you get out means you never have to scrub it down later. Taking the trash out as soon as you see the can is getting full keeps you from a mess later you don’t want to deal with. These small jobs are too often put off. Staying organized means staying on task. Getting in the habit of doing things now means you don’t have to worry about doing them later.

Your best techniques when it comes to being organized are in being proactive. Take care of things as they come up and you’ll always be on top of things from start to finish.

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