Managing The Ups and Downs of Life



I’ve been reading various books, listening to sermons, and watching talk shows that discuss women needing to be in control of their emotions to lead. I’ve recently watched a video series highlighting how women need to embrace their “Feminine Masculinity”. It’s insinuating that when we don’t need to “express” but “suppress” what we think and feel. However, a woman’s emotion in her strongest power and it’s what differentiates us as leaders. We have experiences and it is the emotion behind those that connect us with others. When you connect it’s simpler to engage others around you because you share a common experience and emotion.

Without the ups and down of emotions you are essentially flat-lining. Do you know what happens when you flat-line in the hospital? Right, it’s an indication that you’re DEAD. Don’t let your authentic self die because others prefer a life void of your emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Express them to others! Now there is a tasteful way to do this. The world doesn’t need to hear you complain about everything that is going wrong in your life if you aren’t also going to share the solution. The world doesn’t want to see you slump down and crying if you have no intention of getting back up and moving on. When you express, you do yourself a disservice if it’s only negative because through expression you have the power to manifest. When I open my mouth to communicate to you that this thing has happened or will happen, I am articulating and proclaiming that thing into the universe. Even if it’s negative, the brain will process that as a manifestation. When  you communicate especially with those of you who lead or mentor, share the problem AND the solution.

You are teaching and guiding others to recognize that yes you can “feel” and here’s the way to “deal”. You are saying that you don’t have to be defeated by your emotions like society is telling us to do. You don’t have to put a lid on your views, as if they don’t matter. The highs and lows of your emotions is what signifies life. Just like the ECG machine beeps indicating that you are still alive, use your emotions to define to  your authentic self and keep her alive! Your thoughts will connect you with kindred spirits and enhance your work in the world. (Beep, beep, beep, beep….)

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