The Power of A Made Up Mind

As a powerful, successful woman, you may have already experienced this. It’s the moment when you are faced with a decision about something important to you; you hesitate and then second-guess yourself. You don’t make any decisions because of that momentary pause in judgment. This can happen over something small like what outfit to wear to the office or what’s for dinner, but it also happens when it comes to more significant issues like which job offer to accept or how much money should be invested in stocks.

As a powerful, successful woman, you may have already experienced this.

You know that moment when you’re feeling good about yourself and your life, and then someone comes along to undermine your confidence? They might say things like “you’re too smart for that job” or “you don’t really need to go out tonight.” Or they might even make up stories about you or tell lies. The problem with these types of people is that they are trying to control the situation (and usually themselves) by taking away your power.

They want the attention for themselves so much that they will do anything in their power to get it—even if it means making others look bad in order for them to feel better about themselves!


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It’s fine if you don’t make the right decision every time, but it’s important that you make a decision.

It’s easy not to make a decision when we’re faced with an array of options. We can get caught up in all the details or freeze from fear of making the wrong choice. And yet, this is exactly when we need to act decisively and choose between our options—whatever they may be—in order to move forward in life.

That’s because deciding gives us power over our lives: It means that we are taking responsibility for our actions; it means that we are taking ownership; it means that we are taking control over what happens next (instead of hoping someone else will decide).

I think when women are more decisive and confident in their decisions, it gives other women permission to be the same way.

We teach each other how to behave through our actions and reactions. If we’re not confident in our abilities and skills, it’s easy for other women to follow suit.

When you start making your own decisions—be they about what clothes you wear or where you spend your money—you take back power from society’s expectations of how a woman should look or act. You become more empowered as an individual by doing things that are true to yourself rather than conforming because of social pressures.

Finally, when you make your own decisions, it opens up space for other women to do the same thing. You’re not just making a statement about yourself—you’re setting an example for others to follow.

When we don’t trust ourselves enough to make our own decisions, talk about them openly with others, and be ok with changing course if needed, we lose some of our power.

We live in a world where everyone is telling us what to do. TV shows, movies, and even commercials are telling us that we should do this or want that. It’s easy to get caught up in this whirlwind of “shoulds” that leave no room for our own thoughts and feelings. But when you stop listening so much to others’ opinions on your life and start making choices based on what feels right for you—that’s when things change! You’ll learn how much more confident and powerful you can feel when you know yourself well enough, not just tolerate but love who YOU are!

This can only happen when you trust yourself, believe in your ability to succeed no matter what happens, and will take responsibility for what happens.

You need to be able to say: “I did my best, and I am proud of what I did.” If you take responsibility for everything that happened and are willing to learn from it, then you will be able to move on with a positive mindset, knowing that next time things will work out much better.

Decisiveness is an important trait that comes from trusting yourself.

The more decisions you make, the more confident you become. And the more confidence you have in yourself, the easier it is for others to trust your decisions. It’s not just about making a decision—it’s about being decisive and acting on that decision immediately.

The ability to make a decision and act upon it without hesitation is one of the most important skills anyone can possess. In fact, many successful people have attributed their success directly to their ability to make quick decisions and act upon them (or “bounce back” from them).

Whether it’s deciding where your company should hold an event or what color couch should go in your living room, knowing how far up something goes on your priority list will help you decide if it’s worth pursuing or not.

A good way to start practicing this trait is by making small daily choices throughout your day, which will slowly build into bigger ones over time!

The power of a made-up mind is something that anybody can use. It’s one of the most powerful tools in your toolbox, and it will help you reach any goal you set for yourself. It’s also one of the least understood concepts in life, and yet, it’s something we all do every day.





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